Must have bags that you should add to your collection

Have you ever wondered why women's clothing lines have pockets the size of a fortune cookie and sometimes none at all? Doesn't it all seem like a strategy? Is this a master plan to persuade the ladies to invest in handbags? Well, plan or no plan, we can't complain about the enticing delicacies of bags that have us completely smitten. Handbags are an accessory that a girl adores, from carrying our daily necessities to providing supreme comfort and fashion. Here's a list of healthy ways to succumb to these temptations.


Baguette Bag

A girls' day out or a night out with your boo? You must have a baguette bag in your collection because this baby will never let you down. It's small in terms of space, but sometimes that's exactly what you need, right? Carry only the emergency kit, including lipstick, gloss, and other touch-up elements, as well as your cell phone and wallet, in a courteous manner with a baguette.


Chain Detail Baguette Bag

A chain detail baguette bag is perfect for a dinner date night out with your girlies. The chain detailing adds the perfect amount of class and bling to the bag that you can take anywhere fancy! You will be surprised to see how a simple chain detail on a bag can change the whole outfit. Simply carrying this bag can transform any casual outfit into a party outfit with its class and bling!

Chain Detail Baguette Bag


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Animal Print Baguette Bag

LVL99 Animal Print Baguette Bag

Animal prints are really in right now, and you can find them almost everywhere. From animal print clothing, accessories to bags, it is on every trend, and we can say one thing for sure that this trend is here to stay! So keep your bag collection updated and stay trendy with our animal print baguette bag.


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Basic Baguette Bag

The beauty lies in simplicity! This is the best we can describe our essential baguette bags. It is a perfect type of bag for every day out and about, running errands, etc. The best thing is they go with everything, just put them on, and you are good to go! Also, they have enough space to hold your essentials and are not too big to handle while you're on the go.

 LVL99 Basic Baguette Bag

Grab a look at - LVL99 Basic Baguette Bag


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