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Blazers are famous for a striking formal look; you must think that one can take up these blazers only in winters as they are winter wear, but some good summer blazers will make your formal look very trending stylish. Not just meant for office wear, you can wear these summer blazers for women for any occasion, be it a formal event or lunch date, for a distinctive look. Here we've curated the best types of winter blazers for women -a necessity for every working woman as no wardrobe is complete without one. You have to have one of these blazers revamp and maintain the style.

Double Breasted Crop Blazer

A double-breasted blazer is a must-have for a big-time blazer fan; it gives a highly classic, sleek, and stylish formal look. You may easily carry off this double-breasted blazer made of light fabric in summers like a fashionista.

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Button-Front Solid Crop Blazer

Whenever in doubt, one should go for a single-colored blazer. One can't upgrade style without experimenting, so this button-front crop blazer is an epic pick for those who love mixing and matching the style tone. It's all about what your personality looks the best with, so remember always experiment. Pair this with wide-legged jeans and style it in a subtle chic way.

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Lapel Neck Double Button Blazer

One might count button blazers in basics, but they are trending huge this season and are back in fashion, whether you believe it or not. One can spot several B-town celebrities and fashion bloggers in the same. If you look forward to catching up with the trend, buy one for yourself as well. We have got you a classic pick of these blazers. Click on the above-given link to find one.

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Rouched Bust Hook And Eye Crop Blazer

The ruched blazer is the 80's style mover which is being revived in the fashion industry. The ruched style is immensely into trend these days, so why not go for a ruched bust hook blazer for an edgy look. The wrinkled-up bust makes the blazer look pretty stylish. Pair it with a casual look and watch the magic unfurl.

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Pea Collar Single Breasted Velvet Blazer

When we talk about a blazer that suits both casual and formal looks, velvet is one style that always pops up in our minds. People may think that velvet is too mainstream, but some kind never goes out of fashion, howsoever long they have been trending for, and velvet is one of them, both sophisticated and classy. It's a head-turner, so why the wait? Get one for yourself now and be a trendsetter at the upcoming event on your list.

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